Machine learning is the core of today’s technology and it is evolving very fast day by day today we use it in our daily life. If seen, today we use Google Maps, Google Assistant, and Alexa which is an example of machine learning. You are using it in one way or another and you are not aware of it. One of the popular applications of AI is machine learning (ML), in which computers, software, and devices perform through sensations such as a human brain.

Some Applications of machine learning

Image Recognition

Image recognition is used to identify objects, individuals, places, digital images, etc.

Traffic Prediction

The best example of this is to see in Google map that we can get complete information about a place, whether there is traffic or not, we get information about all the things.

Product Recommendations

Machine learning is also used by companies like e-commerce today for the accurate transactions of their product.

Speech Recognition

With this help, we can use voice search as we see in Google

Virtual Personal Assistant

As a Google Assistant, we get the facility of a virtual personal assistant, it is a product of machine learning.

Online Fraud Detection

We also use machine learning to prevent online fraud.