How Will You Forge Your Future?

It is often that we are unable to take the right decision in our life, then we have to face a lot of confusions, then we help you to overcome the same confusion. how?

Connecting Learners And Industry Professionals!

We facilitate industries and professionals to move to the next realm of ML / AI / IoT knowledge so that they can turn their dreams into reality. It helps people who want to expand the scope of their knowledge as well as detailed knowledge about modern knowledge. Not only this, it helps in completing any unfinished project that you have created and how you can take that idea or project forward. With this, those who want to grow their business, whose business is small, who want to turn their business into a dream company.

What We Do

We recognize the talent hidden in you that helps you in cultivating the talent. Also, help you to complete some incomplete projects that you want to complete. eleve8 is supporting small startups that are having trouble growing their business and with it who want to see their business in a very big company.

Our aim is to teach you skills that you can use to improve your future. We work on some modern strategies, teach them and implement them. Not only this, but we also provide you an employment opportunity. We shed light on modern knowledge such as AI/ML  and things of internet.



If you have a tremendous idea and want to implement it but then you think where to start it, do not panic, we will help you and not only that and what other opportunities are there for your project. We will introduce you to all the opportunities.


If you have recently started a small business of your own and you do not understand how to grow it, then we will help you in how you can increase the growth of your business and make your career at new height We help small startups who want to see their small start-ups turn into a very big company.


Why Choose Us

Global Company

We are a global company if you come with us then you have a lot to get here

Our Mission

Our mission is to simplify traditional working methods with technologies like AI and ML


We provide you better quality facilities

Project Base Learning Offer


  • The rise of big data and digitization of business has introduced major disruption in the generation and application of ML/AI in business.
  • Traditional analytic techniques and processes are no longer sufficient or sustainable.
  • New technologies are outpacing a company’s ability to leverage innovation to affect business outcomes.
  • Current innovation in analytics is being driven by hardware and software vendors – with insufficient focus on required business processes impact


  • There is an opportunity to develop and build the new skillsets required to deliver ML/AI/IoT-enabled projects for the New Style of Business and help students/professionals become productive and valuable for such industries.


  • Focus on processes – not technology
  • Cross-industry best practices
  • Vendor agnostic
  • Instructive and toolkit focused


  • Serve as the foundation for ML/AI services that differentiate your college and organization
  • Establish you and your patrons as a thought leader in Analytics and Data Science
  • Increase the likelihood of our patrons being selected in top industries


First, we select the aspirants on the basis of skill and then provide the mentorship and then they are prepared and selected after which they can be given to the project.

Yes, we charge fees for training, but if you later pass the exam given by us, then all your fees will be refunded.

No, you ask for some skill to come on this, if you love your work and you are ready to do anything, then this platform is for you.