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The collaboration with Eleve8 allowed us to work on cutting-edge technology and solutions. It was not just about learning, but also about innovation and pushing boundaries. “The guidance and mentorship we received during the project were exceptional. The Eleve8 team really invested in our learning and development, and it showed in the final outcome.”


The project helped us understand the practical applications of what we learned in the classroom. It bridged the gap between theory and real-world implementation.” “Being able to put ‘project experience with Eleve8’ on our resumes made a huge difference in our job search. Employers were impressed with the hands-on skills we acquired.


We’re grateful for the opportunity to work with Eleve8. It not only boosted our confidence but also gave us a strong sense of accomplishment. It’s an experience we’ll carry with us throughout our careers.

Adnan Alvi

I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the AI/ML project-based learning program. This experience has been nothing short of transformative for me. The hands-on approach to learning, coupled with the engaging projects, has provided me with a deep understanding of complex AI and ML concepts. Throughout the program, I found …

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Siddharth Sarkhel

Eleve8 program is very fruitful for me as I have learned many new technologies. I became familiar with new technologies like node-red, influxDB, and PostgreSQL and improved my Python knowledge also, and very importantly now I am confident in myself that I can work with my full dedication. This platform has supported and motivated all …

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Prasanth Saini

The Eleve8 program has proven to be an incredibly enriching experience for me. Through this program, I’ve had the opportunity to delve into a host of new technologies, including Node-RED, InfluxDB, and PostgreSQL, and I’ve also honed my Python skills. Most importantly, it has instilled a deep sense of confidence in my abilities, allowing me …

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This platform has not only provided unwavering support but has also been a wellspring of motivation, propelling all of us to wholeheartedly invest in our projects. The guidance we’ve received from everyone involved has yielded remarkable enhancements in our abilities and has given us a taste of real-time professional work dynamics. The Eleve8 program has …

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Vansh Bhardwaj

It was an informative and amazing journey with the Eleve8 .The mentors were really skilled and helped us a lot throughout the journey. We have created a Real time project and gained knowledge about various technologies in different domains. I highly recommend this program for the upcoming batches. It will be highly productive for all.

Vanshika Jindal

The Eleve8 program is very helpful for me as I have learned many new technologies and it was my dream to work in data science only so from this, I can achieve it…. I became familiar with new technologies like node-red, influxDB, and PostgreSQL and improved my Python knowledge also very importantly now I am …

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